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WWW-aware-apps SRE-http WWW-aware applications

and other useful tidbits

Assembled here are several sets of www-related tools and utilities:

  1. Tools and utilities specifically designed for the SRE-http web server
  2. Tools and utilties that will work under any CGI-BIN compliant OS/2 web server (such as SRE-http, APACHE, GoHttp, Web/2, Domino, etc.). Most of these can also be run more efficiently as SRE-http addons.
  3. Miscellaneous tools
28 Dec 2002 Since SRE-http has been supplanted by SREhttp/2, many of the following products are no longer supported.

Although still functional (as SRE-http addons, CGI-BIN scripts, and standalone programs), the examples and demos (scattered through the docmentation) will not work.

However, for several of these products SREhttp/2 versions, with working demos, are available!

SRE-http tools and utilties
NuStatus An advanced status facility -- server statistics, client & server information, view/reset caches, view common-log and other audit files, etc. (4 May 2001) CHECK_404. CHECK_404 will detect repetitiverequests for non-existent URLs. Such events may be due to a probing attack that is attempting to find find password and other such files. (4 January 2000)
CVT_Page Change code page based on user-agent information. This is a "pre-reply" procedure, and a DLL, to change code pages on a client specific basis (18 April 1999) PackBack Compress HTML documents. This is a "pre-reply" procedure that will perform on the fly compression of HTML documents (by context-sensitive removal of spaces, CRLFS, and comments) (18 April 1999)
PreLoad documents, Pre-load requests when starting SRE-http (pre-loading can improve performance by priming several SRE-http caches). Requires version 1.2j.997b or above: (7 April 1999) _Command Issue OS/2 commands to your server (26 March 1999)
ReStart Remotely restart GoServe/SRE-http (or reboot OS/2) (26 March 1999) StartSre. Start & monitor SRE-http: monitor status, & restart on crashes (19 June 1999)
Advanced SRE-http tools and utilities
Get-A-File, a directory displayer, with numerous options; including viewing ZIP file contents, and displaying file specific thumbnails. (12 March 2001) SRE-Data SRE-http's web-aware database facility. (26 March 1999)
SRE-Balancer A host & selector specific load balancer. (26 March 1999) Dynamic Load_Balancer: A dynamic load-balancer that utilizes socket calls to track real-time load status on a set of subsidiary-sites. Can be run from under any GoServe filter! (26 March 1999)
Forum, BBS, and other SRE-http specific Web-aware applications
BBS A full featured web based bulletin board system (12 January 2000) FORUM A news-group and list-server discussion group package (26 March 1999).
CalcWWW updated A powerful, character-mode calculator with a web interface (30 March 2001) DoSearch A fairly powerful utility for searching text files. In addition to a stand alone usage , DoSearch can be used to implement an <ISINDEX> searchable index . (26 March 1999)
Manager, a powerful, configurable remote file manager for SRE-http. Capabilties include bulk copy/move/deletes, examining/extracting ZIP files, and file uploads (23 November 1999) Quote of the Day, add a randomly generated quote of the day to your html documents (using server side includes) (10 January 2000)

WWW-aware Indexing and Verification Tools
(can be run as SRE-http addons, or as CGI-BIN scripts)
CheckLink A multi-threaded, socket-aware addon to create, examine, and traverse a web-tree. CheckLink can be used to detect dead links, to summarize the links between documents, and to traverse connections over a broadly (or narrowly) defined portion of your web-site. Can be also used as a standalone program & CGI-BIN script (Error in Server Side Include ) GrabSite, Retrieve a set of linked WWW pages (that is, a portion of a WWW site), and copy it to your local drive. (28 October 1999)
updated GoSwish. A fully-automated, web accessible front end to the (included) SWISH (ver 1.3) web indexing system (17 April 2001). PortScan Scan a server to see what ports are active.
PortScan can be run as an SRE-http addon, or a a CGI-BIN script (26 April 1999.)
UpDater (stable beta, ver 1.08) UpDater is a mirroring program, that is used to update a set of files on a remote server (or on a client's workstation), so that they are the same as a set of files on a central server. (2 January 2000)
Graphical Tools (can be run as SRE-http addons, or as CGI-BIN scripts)
updated GIF_text, An on-the-fly generator of graphical text images (5 March 2001). updated BlendGif BlendGif is a GIF animator. In addition to merely appending images together, BlendGif will create intermediate images -- thereby supporting a variety of fade, pan, and dissolve effects. Can also be or from an OS/2 command prompt (Error in Server Side Include ).
updated WWWthumb. A utility to generate descriptive thumbnails (of your various graphics files) and use them in HTML documents (as links back to the original graphics files) (14 April 2001). nu ThumbIndex. A utility to generate thumbnail indices of directories of images & photos. Although similar to WWWThumb, ThumbIndex is easier to use, and contains a number of special features. However, ThumbIndex can only be run as an SRE-http addon -- it will not run as a CGI-BIN, nor will it run as a standalone program. (Error in Server Side Include ).

Counters, Converters, and Customization
(can be run as SRE-http addons, or as CGI-BIN scripts)
nu HTML_Text An HTML to Text converter (converts hierarchical headings, nested tables, FORM elements, and more). Can be run from an OS/2 command prompt, or under Regina REXX for DOS (5 March 2001). WWW-Count A CGI-BIN & NCSA/HTTPD hit counter -- with graphical and text modes. This is a port of SRE-http's COUNTER.RXX faciltity -- SRE-http users don't really need this (6 March 2001).
Client Customization, CUSTOMIZE: a facility to allow client-specific customization of your web pages.
There are two versions of CUSTOMIZE: an SRE-http addon (nu 7 March 2001) and a CGI-bin script (26 March 1999)


Other utilities

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