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Demo-apps Demos of SRE-http WWW-aware applications

Looking to try, use and otherwise explore an SRE-http www-aware application? is offering the following.

If you like what you see, and are running os/2, we encourage you to download these freeware applications
28 Dec 2002 Since SRE-http has been supplanted by SREhttp/2, these particular demos are no longer supported.
However, SREhttp/2 versions of most of these demos are available.

BlendGIF Create an animated GIF, with lots of special effects
GIF_text Create a GIF file containing a text message -- using colorful fonts, backgrounds, etc. etc. etc.
CheckLink Create a web-tree of a WWW-site, and check the validity of it's links
calcWWW An on-line, equation oriented scientific calculator (with deriviative taking capabilities)
HTML_Text Convert an HTML document to a text file
WWWcount Demo the WWWcount hit-counter utility.
Customize Demo of client customization of web pages.
WWWthumb Sample output from the WWWthumb "thumbnail" creator.
Please let us know if you encounter any difficulties while using these utilities -- we might have forgotten some stuff during the move to!

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