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(updated 30 March 2001) try it out!

calc-WWW is a simple but powerful scientific calculator accessible from any web browser.

calc-WWW has a keyboard driven, equation oriented user interface. It's features include:

  • all sets of parenthesis useable
  • multiple equations analyzed per request
  • implicit multiplication (or implicit addition)
  • 35 built in functions, including the trigonometric functions.
  • User defined functions and variables.
  • Analytic derivatives and simplification of user defined functions.
  • Notes:

    Are your ready to download the latest version of (updated 30 March 2001, size= 97K)

    CALCWWW is based on an aging, but still powerful, standalone DOS calculator.

    http://WWW.SREHTTP.ORG/apps/calcwww/, created 5 Mar 2001