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(updated 14 April 2001) View thumbnails of
SRE-http images

WWWthumb ver 1.12 creates, and delivers, thumbnails of images.

When offering a list of files for downloading over the WWW, it's often convenient to graphically illustrate the contents of the file by displaying a thumbnail (a small GIF image) adjacent to the file name. For example, thumbnails are often minatures of larger graphics files; or, they can also be the desktop icon associated with a non-graphics file.

WWWthumb program is designed to create, and deliver, these thumbnails. It's main advantage is ease of use; it's trivial to request a thumbnail image by inclusion of simple IMG elements in one's HTML documents.

Would you like to read the WWWthumb manual?

Or, are you ready to download the latest version of WWWthumb (updated 14 April 2001, size= 157K)

WWWthumb (which is written in REXX) can be run fom an OS/2 command prompt, as an SRE-http addon, or as a CGI-BIN script. It's optimized for SRE-http, but should work under any CGI-bin compliant OS/2 web server.

ThumbIndex: an alternative to WWWThumb

ThumbIndex (updated Error in Server Side Include ) is an SRE-http addon that facilitates and simplifies the creation of thumbnails indices of directories of images.

http://WWW.SREHTTP.ORG/apps/wwwthumb/, created 14 Apr 2001