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(updated 3 May 1999)

TTF_text is an OS/2 utility that will create big-text banners.

What's special about TTF_text is that the pattern for the banner characters is specified using a true-type font (TTF) name, and point size, provided by the user. Basically, you can use most of the thousands of publically available TTF fonts to make a big text banner.

Options include portrait or landscape output, and some flexibility in the choice of foreground and background characters.

Would you like to see some sample output:

  • 20 pt Large Times Italic, portrait orientation (170 columns)
  • 12 pt Bisque, landscape orientation (160 rows)
  • 16 pt Arial, portrait orientation (500 columns)

  • Would you like to read the TTF_text manual?

    Or, are you ready to download the latest version of (updated 3 May 1999, size= 80K)

    TTF_text can be run on any OS/2 computer.

    The RX_TTF library

    TTF_text uses the RxTTF procedure library.

    RxTTF (updated 3 May 1999) is an OS/2 REXX-callable procedure that will return a bitmap, given a message, the name of a TTF font, and a point size.

    http://WWW.SREHTTP.ORG/apps/ttf_text/, created 26 Mar 1999