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(updated 6 January 2002)

GIF_info is an OS/2 REXX command-line utility that will display information on the structure of a GIF file. This includes height, width, position, color table size, transparency status, and a host of other details.

In addition, GIF_info can be used to display actual color table and pixel values, for any one of several images in an animated GIF.

GIF_INFO also includes two sets of REXX procedures that can be used to extract information from GIF files.

Would you like to read the GIF_info manual?

Or, would you like to read the descriptions of the procedure libraries:

  • PARSEGIF -- let's you extract data from GIF files (requires REXXLIB)
  • GIFINFOA -- displays a limited set of information, but does not require REXXLIB

    Or, are you ready to download the latest version of (updated 6 January 2002, size= 64K)


    http://WWW.SREHTTP.ORG/apps/gif_info/, created 27 Oct 1999