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The SRE-http home page

This page discusses the SRE-http web server for GoSERVE.
Since both of these (SRE-http and GoServe) are no longer being maintained, we strongly recommend that you consider the SRE2003 Internet Interface and the SREhttp/2 WWW Server.

If you are happily running GoServe & SRE-http, or are otherwise interested in SRE-http..... please read on ...

The current version of the SRE-http web server is 1.3h.jan02a (updated 19 May 2001).

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Welcome to the SRE-http home page!

TryIt! Are you looking for demos and services (such as BlendGif and HTML_text)?

Ver 1.3h SRE-http Ver 1.3h has been updated, with numerous small bug fixes, and some improvements (last update: Jan 2002).
Would you like to see a list of the recent changes
On the non-OS/2 front --- nothing to report (the likelihood of public release of GoServe source code remains murky, but there is some chance that a linux GoServe may someday appear). After SREhttp/2 (for OS/2) is completed, we'll think about a linux version. Maybe in a year or two?
New and improved addons In the last several months, the following applications have been added or upgraded ...
  • ThumbIndex ver 1.21 A WWW-aware utility that makes it easy to create thumbnail indices of directories of photos and other images.
  • CheckLink Ver 1.13c Check the links on your web page and more -- look for busted links, create site indices, and map the relations betwixt and between your web pages.
  • DIRTOOLS ver 1.16e copy, delete, and list directories. Lots of improvements, lots of power.
  • WWWThumb ver 1.12: the graphical-thumbnail creator has now been heavily modified. It's now easy to create a clickable index of all the images (say, photos) in one or many directories (works best in conjunction with PMVIEW's automatic thumbnail creation feature).
  • GoSwish 1.61: create indices of the contents of your web documents, and search them (mild upgrade)
  • CUSTOM: customize your HTML documents on-the-fly (mild upgrade)
  • BlendGif 1.15b: a GIF animation utility (mild upgrade)
  • GifText 1.3c: create GIF images containing text messages (mild upgrade)
  • HTML_txt 1.14 the html to text converter has been mildly upgraded
  • GetAFile the GetAFile diretory lister has been mildly upgraded
  • CALC-WWW an on-line scientific calculator (several bugs were repaired)
  • RxBlowFish a REXX callable DLL implementing Blowfish encryption
  • RxRsync a REXX callable DLL implementing Rsync compession/differencing
  • ---------------------------

    Disclaimer: All SRE-http products are to be used at one's "own risk". That said, please let us know if you find any bugs or other "features" -- we are constantly upgrading SRE-http, and often can solve your problem in a few days.

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