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rxBlFish, ver 1.02

(updated 15 March 2003)

rxBlFish rxBlFish is a dynamic link library (a .DLL file) that contains OS/2 REXX callable procedures.

BlowFish is a very powerful encryption tool. RxBlFish provides an OS/2 REXX interface to BlowFish -- with RxBlFish, you can use REXX to encrypt strings and files.


To use RxBlFish, you must have version 1.62 (or above) of BlowFish for OS/2. In particular, you need ENCRYPT.DLL from version 1.62 (or above).

Due to U.S. export regulations, we can not include ENCRYPT.DLL in this distribution. You'll have to obtain it yourself.

Would you like to read the rxBlFish manual?

Or, are you ready to download the latest version of rxbf_102.ZIP (updated 15 March 2003, size= 18K)

http://WWW.SREHTTP.ORG/apps/rxblfish/, created 28 Feb 2003