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(updated 22 May 2002)

ThumbIndex ver 1.3 creates, and delivers, thumbnails of images.

When offering a list of files for downloading over the WWW, it's often convenient to graphically illustrate the contents of the file by displaying a thumbnail (a small GIF image) adjacent to the file name. For example, thumbnails are often minatures of larger graphics files; or, they can also be the desktop icon associated with a non-graphics file.

ThumbIndex program is designed to create, and deliver, these thumbnails. It's main advantage is ease of use; you can easily create indices containing thumbnails that point to their underlying image.

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Or, are you ready to download the latest version of (updated 22 May 2002, size= 407K)

ThumbIndex (which is written in REXX) can be run fom an OS/2 command prompt, or as an SRE-http addon.

WWWThumb: an alternative to ThumbIndex

WWWThumb (updated Error in Server Side Include ) is an SRE-http addon that allows you to create thumbnails on the fly, or to store them for future use. It has a few extra features that ThumbIndex does not have, but it is somewhat more difficult to use.

http://WWW.SREHTTP.ORG/apps/thumbindex/, created 22 May 2002