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SRE-http web server The SRE-http http/1.1 web server


SRE-http is a highly configurable http/1.1 web server for OS/2. With advanced features such as remote configuration, virtual hosts, caching and SSI; SRE-http is powerful enough for technically proficient administrators, but simple enough to be maintained by non-technical users. In addition, the Rexx based GoServe API (as augmented by SRE-http's numerous extensions) offers significant development advantages when creating web based applications, and when otherwise crafting a customized and enhanced web site.

To use the SRE-http web server, you will need GoServe (a free, IBM EWS, OS/2 Internet server).


SRE-http features

SRE-http ver 1.3h is a conditionally compliant http/1.1 web server for OS/2. SRE-http supports the usual server functions, including:

In addition, SRE-http ver 1.3h incorporates a number of special features, including: TopsBack to top..

Demos Demos of a few SRE-http features.

The following examples scratch the surface of SRE-http's potential: Tops Back to top..

Docs Documentation

nu If you have a frames-capable browser, check out the documentation guide
Want more information...
  • the users guide is a good place to start. The SRE-http FAQ is also handy (it's shorter and drier).

    Are you real curious? Then the (240K) SRE-http manual, and the SRE-http technical outline are for you.
  • Want to study it closely before deciding? The .ZIPped up collection of the SRE-http documentation is suitable for off-line perusal.
  • ... and for those who are convinced: Installation instructions, acknowledgements, and the disclaimer
  • Perhaps you need some help with some common problems?

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    Downloading Downloading SRE-http *

    Still interested ... you can download: If none of the above work for you, please send me a note

    Upgrading SRE-http ?

    The discussion of recent changes, may be of interest, as well as the description of the realm-definiton file and the description of 1.3h configuration options.

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