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Useful tips

Using this form, you can search on:
  • You can enter multiple words.
  • You can use AND, NOT, OR, and ( ) to further modify search logic
  • Search is case insensitive.
  • Search uses stemming rules to remove "s", "ed", and other common stems.
  • You can use * to match the beginning of words (for example, SHIP* will match SHIP and ShipMate)
    For searches of filenames and summaries, do NOT use * (a substring match is used for all searches)
  • descriptive HTML elements include Emphasis (I, EM, B and STRONG), Titles, H1 .. H7 headers, and comments.
  • If selected, short (3-5 line) summaries will be displayed (when available) for each matching file
  • You can also display the contents of the following <META> tags: description
  • You can also search for words in the folllowing <META> fields: keywords
        Example: MymetaName1 = (a1 or a4) not (a3 and a7)
    This query will retrieve all the files in which the "MymetaName1" is associated either with "a1" or "a4" and that do not contain the words "a3" and "a7", where "a3" and "a7" are not associated to any meta name.

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