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(updated 5 March 2001) Convert an HTML document

HTML_txt (ver 1.14), converts HTML documents to text files.

HTML_txt features include:

  • Supports UL, OL, DL, and MENU lists.
  • Supports nested TABLES, with several forms of tabular output
  • FORM elements supported, including SELECT, TEXTAREA, and CHECKBOX.
  • Hierarchical outline can be created from H1, H2, ..., H7 headings.
  • Highly configurable; emphasis style, list bullets, outline numbering style, table writing options, and many other features are readily modified by changing user configurable parameters.
  • Moderately efficient (table intensive 60k file in 10 seconds on a P166)
  • Run from command line, or from a simple keyboard (non-gui) interface.
  • Can be used as an "addon" for the SRE-http web server.

  • Would you like to read the HTML_txt manual? Or, how about the no high-ascii or the high-ascii text versions of the manual (as converted by HTML_txt)?

    Or, are you ready to download the latest version of (updated 5 March 2001, size= 130K)

    HTML_txt (which is written in REXX) can be run fom an OS/2 command prompt, as an SRE-http addon, or as a CGI-BIN script. It's optimized for SRE-http, but should work under any CGI-bin compliant OS/2 web server.

    Furthermore, HTML_txt also works under other flavors of REXX (for example, Regina REXX for NT, Win95, and Linux).

    http://WWW.SREHTTP.ORG/apps/html_txt/index.sht, created 21 Apr 2001