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a "lite" version of SRE-http (updated 3 May 2001)

sreLite ver 1.06 is the lite version of the SRE-http web server. It supports many of the most common web server features, and on fairly simple sites will be quicker then the full-featured SRE-http www server.

Compared to the full version of SRE-http, the primary disadvantages of sreLite are:

  1. sreLite supports a minimal set of the http/1.1 standard -- several of the fancier features (such as delta encoding) are not supported.
  2. sreLite becomes cumbersome to configure, and looses efficiency, when you have a complicated set of redirections, aliases, and access controls.
  3. Many of the fancier SRE-http features are NOT supported; such as: GZIP encoding, ssi caching, the "SRE-http" ssi options, seperate browser and referer log files, elaborate multiple-hosts, MD5 hash tags, the various pre-filter and pre-reply hooks, support for the PUT method, built-in support for file uploads, et al.
However, many of the most common features you'ld want in a web server are supported, including:
Would you like to read the sreLite manual?

Or, are you ready to download the latest version of (updated 3 May 2001, size= 436K)