GIF_text Create a GIF file to display your message

This demonstrates GIF_TEXT: a text-to-GIF message generator
Or, would you
like to ...
see samples of the alphabytes and backgrounds?
run a special button generator?
list installed alphabyte and complete fonts
list installed color slides
read a short description of the options?
use the frames/javascript enabled version?
list available TTF fonts
list installed backgrounds

Enter the message:
Hints: $t=time; $d=date; $B=rectangle; $N=new line; $F(fontname)=switch fonts; $#nnn; = ascii code

You can ... use message options stored in a style file:
or use this form to specify the options .... (and save these options to a style file?).
Select an alphabyte font or a TTF font Optional background and color slide

(Key): L=includes lower-case,
1=Includes numbers,
C=Color (not b/w)

Select a TTF font:

and it's size
(0=do NOT use TTF font)
Hint: if you do not use a color slide or a background, you should set the text color, background color, and transparency.

Scale the background? (default is to tile)

Or you can specifyyour own color slide

  Message width: and height: (in pixels) A value of 0 for either width or height means:Use as many pixels as needed
Check here if you intend to download this image.
Check here for non-verbose output

The following options are less important (if you don't fill them in, default values will be used):

You can specify other fonts, backgrounds, and color slides...
specify a font:

Select a font-other then those listed in the selection box)
Choose a a color-slide file:

Enter the name of a GIF file, or a URL to a GIF file
Choose background file:

Enter the name of a GIF file, or a URL to a GIF file

Vertical Alignment (character in "character box"): Top || Middle || Bottom
Line Justification (for multiple line messages): Left || Center || Right

Width & height
scale factors

Offset the image;
place a frame around it
  Right offset
Left/Right frame
Down offset
Top/Bottom frame

Color slide horizontal fit:
  • Tile
  • Stretch
  • Color slide vertical fit:
  • Same slide for all rows
  • Tile
  • Stretch
  • Color slide measured from (blank=left edge, or a space delimited pair of 0 to 1 fractions): Method for computing color slide distance:
    Color slide threshold:
  • Non 0 pixels
  • Any color > 40
  • Fade avg color, 1 to 200
  • Color slide probability:
  • Always use
  • Increasing probability
  • Decreasing probability
  • Number of colors in user-defined color slide
    (0=do not define)
    Color slide RGB intensity parameters (0.0=0, 1.0=255) (space delimited)

    Use a mask file: Scale mask (otherwise, tile)?
    Reverse mask?
    Mask threshold (pixel value)=

    Background color (6-hex-digits):, Text-color (6-hex-digits):
    Examples: 000000=black, ffffff=white, FF0000=red 00EF9d=Cyan
    Transparent color index (0 to 255, -1 for no transparent index):

    Time Format Date Format

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