Generate a Button

This demonstrates how one can use the GIF_TEXT graphics text message to create buttons with text in them.

Enter the message:
  • Use $t to generate the time, and $d to generate the date.
  • Use $f(new_font_name) to switch fonts.
  • Use $n for a new line
  • Select an alphabyte font a button style and a color slide

    or ... specify a font name:
    For example: twoturt

  • ... or, specify a file:
    For example: buttons/next
  • The h/w (height and width) and x/y (x_frame and y_frame) are recommended values.

  • ... or, specify a file:
    For example: slides/fadeout

    Message size: width= , and height= (in pixels)

    Frame size in pixels (modify this to center text within the button): left/right sides =,
    and top/bottom =

    The above height, width and frame values are recommended, but not essential. You may find that other values look better.
    Suppress Transparency (some button/font combinations require this).


    The following buttons are shipped with the full-pack version of GIF_TEXT. Note that not all of them are available in the above list of buttons.


    This utilty would not have been possible without RXGDUTIL.DLL ".GIF" library; a port of the GD library by Andy Wysocki.

    ...and, it would have been useless without the various and sundry alphabyte fonts and backgrounds, which were obtained from:

    Rosie's Alphabytes (logo)
    E-Mom's Rainbow Graphic Designs: (logo)
    Andy's Art Attack: (logo)
    You might also want to check out ...
  • over 100 fonts/alphabytes at Daniel Guildkrans site
  • links to many alphabytes at and at
  • some 3D alphabets at,
  • a zillion "digit collections" (useful if you are interested in using GIF_TEXT as a clock) at