Create, view, and lookup ThumbNails-- CGI-BIN mode

A note on creating thumbnails

Since creation of thumbnails can take several minutes, and since CGI-BIN scripts have no standard means of returning the current status of a script, remote creation of thumbnails via a CGI-BIN script is not supported.

You can either run WWWthumb.CMD from an OS/2 prompt; or you can run WWWthumb as an SRE-http addon (which requires the SRE-http WWW Server for OS/2).

Lookup a thumbnail

Find thumbnail for which selector (URL):
Cache-Index to use (required):

View a list of ThumbNails

Cache-Index to use (* to list currently available indices):
Display images in seperate window?

Display as a Do not display descriptions (typically, the width and height).

display as a big picture?
Generate a client-side imagemap?
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