View or retrieve a file

This form permits you to view a list of files, and select one to download. You can use the numerous options to fine-tune how and what to display.

Enter the directory to display :
Display subdirectories also?
(optional) Select a text file to display on-screeen?
(Table type 1:) Use a table to display files and directories?

advanced options ....

  • Directory display options
  • Use small icons to show file type ? & use thumbnails from index(s) of:
  • Display files creation date ?
  • Display files size (in bytes or Kbytes) ?
  • Create auto-descriptions?
  • Table options

    On-screen display file options

    Other options

  • Assume ALL files are text files (useful, but use carefully)?
    • No
    • Yes
    • Examine file contents (if no explicit type)
    • Examine file contents (before explicit type checking)
  • View files in separate window?
  • Enter your own "header"

  • Enter an optional inclusion pattern (display only files matching this, possibly wildcarded, pattern):